Monday, July 7, 2008

Database Archiving

Ever encounter this problem before?

“Database is not a black hole.”

Did you know that? It will overflow! So? You need to do housekeeping. Take some old records away and put it some where else. Why? Because it will affect your system performance. And not everybody afford to have an Oracle in their company.

You would be lucky if your system needs to do it once a year. What if you need to do it once a month? Or daily? Pain in the ass, right?

So, if there an easy way to do it? Well, I am not a pro in database administration. Never worked with one before in my experience. I just want to emphasize the importance of including the concept of database archiving while you design your system.

Some important points in archiving a database are:
  • How often do you need to archive the database?
  • What tables do you need to archive?
  • How your program can link back to the archived database?
Make sure your system can last for a long run. Don’t let people come in and tell you that you need to archive your database and will charge you this amount.

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